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WTF is on this fuczm site?

You’ll find galleries, movie trailers, BTS film blogs, social media pages, links to the Loop Collector Cards and the exclusive investment animations, a few select t-shirt designs, links to gallery work, and upcoming film projects, and Kely’s newest book release LOOP.

Kely McClung is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and a world champion martial artist.

After training in dozens of fighting systems around the world for nearly thirty years, Kely McClung was launched into the film industry after winning the brutal International Full Contact Stick Fighting Championships.

Working, traveling, and teaching martial arts, acting, and film production around the world, Kely is also an accomplished artist and photographer, a prolific screenwriter, and has directed three award-winning feature films.

His pen and ink portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi hangs at the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia,while his photography is sold exclusively by the Michael-Warren Contemporary in Denver, Colorado.

Kely has taught and trained with various military, police, and private security firms, and continues to train and teachmartial arts around the world.

LOOP is Kely’s first novel, and the first in the BAD ASS Series. Look for the upcoming sequel THE INFECTED and for LOOP on the big screen in an upcoming release.

To connect and say hi, find Kely on a multitude of social media pages

For an idea of Kely’s film work — you can check him out on IMDB

LOOP is an entire world — and like fuczm — encompasses a slice of Kely’s twisted imagination and interests. As a NOVEL, LOOP is a scary, fun tale that hints at the dark side of artificial intelligence and Mankind’s ability to create things we can’t control. Currently, the first novel is written and will be published soon. There is also a feature film screenplay, a series pilot script, a sequel in the works, and of course, the twisted concepts that became the exclusive NFT animations and LOOP Zombie Collector Cards.

Individual works can be seen on these pages under photography.

Most of these are limited edition prints and can be purchased directly by contacting the artist at [email protected]

The stunning, graphic, black and white series FALLING UP can be found and purchased exclusively through the Michael-Warren Contemporary in Denver, Colorado.

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Putting together two new feature films; the gangster epic “La Lot Du Destin” (The Law of Destiny) to be shot in Cameroon, West Central Africa, and “A Bunch of Fives,” ostensibly a sports film, told in Kely’s favored non-linear story structure, part “Raging Bull,” and part “Field of Dreams.”

Kely’s first novel in action thriller series BLACK HEART is written Look for BLACK FIRE soon!

Currently working on the audio book for LOOP, and designing a new set of digital paintings to create the next limited series of collector cards.