Designing the Movie Poster for Kely McClung’s “A Bunch of Fives”

As much as designing the movie poster to reflect the film, a movie poster can help define the movie — can help to clarify and sharpen the message of the movie.

Before the cameras roll, and then all through the process of development, filming, post-production, and marketing, a strong movie poster can help guide the direction of a film, serving a bit as compass in the film you are striving to make.

In the case of A BUNCH OF FIVES, the poster can say a lot! Or at least I hope it does. A movie poster needs to deliver a story, along with emotion and intrigue, in about 3 seconds (dreaming it’s a billboard that people are passing on the side of a downtown building or along a highway). But I also want it to stand up to scrutiny (think in the subway or framed on someone’s wall, and more importantly, on the inside and outside walls of a cinema) and if possible, for longer consideration and contemplation. So let’s call it, “in your face with a lasting impression.”

aDesigning the movie poster - A Bunch of Fives Movie Poster

The biggest film companies typically begin their poster design as part of a comprehensive campaign months or even years before anyone will ever see the production. They have teams of people, top designers and experienced execs, long periods of split testing, and public feedback, to help guide their creative decisions.

So a fight film or a boxing movie? The gloves tell me it’s boxing. The style was picked to express the vintage feel of the fight and story. Though I found a dozen very cool black and white photos of vintage boxing gloves, I chose this idea as it became a metaphor for ‘hanging the mitts” and for retiring or quitting. The feel of an earlier life perhaps.

It’s hard to tell an entire story in 3 seconds! So maybe the goal of the movie poster should be to say a few words about the movie and let the viewer fill in the blanks.

Our IMDB logline …

A BUNCH OF FIVES – After a military hero turned boxer is gunned down in the streets, his mysterious recovery brings him to a small coal-mining town in the Appalachians where new love and loyalties are tested in the biggest fight of his life as romance blooms against a backdrop of buried secrets and murder.

Though I put a lot of work into this first poster, including painting, scanning, and then digitally enhancing and painting it again with all-digital tools, and as a former fighter, boxer, and martial artist myself, it resonates and hits like a left hook, but misses a lot of important intrigue and story points. It’s not quite the devastating combination I’m pushing for.

A Bunch of Fives poster detail

So like most good poster campaigns, I’ll keep trying and tinkering, searching. It is a ‘fight movie’ and we’re confident it will stand alongside some of the greatest; an epic boxing film with a huge heart and told in a nonlinear and unorthodox way that delivers so much more. This first poster accomplishes some of it, but we’ll keep striving for the knockout.

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This is the first of our A BUNCH OF FIVES movie posters. New ideas and concepts are being worked on every day!

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